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Houston Hard Money Lender

Those who are looking for a commercial loan may wish to check into a hard money loan. Hard money loans require no credit check, give you a high loan-to-value ratio and allow you to rehab, flip or refinance properties to help you build equity faster. … [Read More...]

Best Hard Money Lenders

Many lenders require loan requests to fit in a certain set of guidelines and requirements, and loan requests that do not meet their requirements are declined. Most lenders simply will not make an exception to the rules even if there is a strong … [Read More...]

stated income loans

Is the Fast No-Doc (Stated Income) Loan Dead?

Can You Still Get A No-Doc (Stated Income) Mortgage for Real Estate? In 2014, the US Consumer Financial Protect Bureau implemented new rules that prevent almost all stated income loans, sometimes called no-doc loans, by traditional mortgage … [Read More...]